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Fabric Guide

IT'S SAID THAT a picture paints a thousand words. Although we make every effort to provide you with great pictures of our products, to offer you even more insight into our fabrics, we thought you may enjoy this guide. Of course, if you ever have any questions about our fabrics, fit or care, please get in touch with us.

We purposely choose to make our line using 100% cotton fabric. Cotton is a natural product and is used more than any other natural fiber to make cloth. Cotton is comfortable, soft, breathable and easy to care for.

All our fabric is woven. We do not offer knits

Needham Lane offers six types of cotton woven fabrics. Listing these fabrics in order of lightest weight to heaviest weight, we offer:


Yarn-Dyed Woven



The term voile is French for veil. It is made with a very fine yarn and open weave. Voile is one of the world’s finest fabrics. This lightweight cotton is soft to the touch with a flattering drape. Lightweight, breathable and semi-sheer.

The combination of fine yarn and open weave allows for maximum airflow to and away from your body. One of our customers described our voile as, “like wearing air, only with a lovely print”.

We use voile to make lightweight sleepwear, tunics and kaftans. Voile is wonderful for a hot & humid environment. Customers that are experiencing elevated body temperatures at night (hot flashes) swear by our voile fabric to help get a good night’s rest.


Cambric is made with a slightly thicker yarn and tighter weave than voile. As such, it’s somewhat less sheer that voile. Like voile, cambric is lightweight and breathable. A perfect fabric for warm days and nights.

Many of our nightgowns and nightshirts are made in this lovely fabric. Due to its semi-sheer nature, if you have guests for breakfast, you may want to plan on wearing a robe.



Seersucker’s wrinkled appearance is the result of its weave, which bunches threads together & keeps the fabric from laying on your skin. These wrinkles help to keep you cool on hot days.  Seersucker is not sheer.

Seersucker is ideal for spring/summer wear. Stylish & practical We use this classic fabric in making sleepwear, tunics and kaftans. 



Yarn-dyed woven fabrics are made from yarns that are dyed before they are woven. While prints can be done in most any design, yarn dyed woven fabric is limited to weaving patterns. Thus, the weave & color of yarns become the design. Plaids and stripes are most common.

We select yarn-dyed fabric that is made from yarn that is light-medium in weight. At Needham Lane, we use yarn-dyed woven fabric to make sleepwear.



Poplin uses a thicker yarn and tighter weave than voile, cambric and seersucker. It is a medium weight, non-sheer fabric that can be worn year-round.

Poplin is a cool, crisp fabric. We use poplin to make sleepwear and tunics.



Flannel fabric is believed to have originated in Scotland. It is a soft woven fabric that is known for its warmth and is best suited for the cooler months. Flannel has a thicker yarn than our other fabrics and is a medium weight.