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Nightshirts & Nightgowns

A favorite choice of our customers is our women’s all-white cotton nightshirts and nightgowns. Made of fine, 100% cotton cambric, that are light and airy.  Soft and comfortable women's nightgowns. What more could you ask for? Treat yourself (or someone you love) to the simple joy of a quality lightweight nightgown.

If you find you need a splash of color, we offer a small collection of women's cotton nightshirts in our signature colorful prints. Printed on cotton poplin, these traditional, button-down nightshirts offer enough coverage for you to comfortably wander about the house and even sneak out to grab the newspaper!

For a simpler, classic look we offer a sleeveless seersucker nightgown and a long sleeve nightshirt. Our 100% cotton seersucker fabric is super soft and comfy. So comfy you may choose to linger into mid-morning still wearing your bedclothes, and that’s okay with us. We like it when you get attached to our sleepwear.

One of our most popular gowns is our Blue Seersucker Nightgown which has received rave reviews, including this one from Mary.

"I saw a nightgown from Needham Lane in a shop two years ago and fell in love with it. The shop did not have my size, so I went online and ordered it from the Needham Lane web page. I loved the nightgown so much and now have 4 different gowns...I do not need that many but could not resist!! I decided to try the nightshirt and loved it, too...all of these products are well-made with fabulous fabrics and launder beautifully. The service has been excellent and the communications friendly and personal. I am so happy to recommend their products"        - Mary