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The Benefits of Cotton Seersucker

The Benefits of Cotton Seersucker

Posted by Maura on 4th Jun 2020

OVER THE PAST few years, we’ve had a lot of fun adding 100% cotton seersucker to our line. Much to the delight of our customers, we have been fortunate to have sourced cotton seersucker that is incredibly soft. With the encouragement of our customers, our seersucker offerings have expanded to include robes, sleeveless capri pajamas, lounge pants, long sleeve pajamas, kaftans and tunics. Are we missing something? If so, let us know your wishes.

Seersucker fabric has always intrigued me. I did a little research on the history of seersucker that I’d like to pass along. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • The term “seersucker” comes from a Hindi word meaning “milk and sugar” which describes the seersucker textured weave.
  • Seersucker first became popular in Britain’s warm weather colonies like British India.
  • The first use of seersucker fabric in the USA was in 1909 reportedly by a clothier in New Orleans who used seersucker in making a lightweight men’s suit that could be worn in the hot and humid climate. Don’t forget, there was no air conditioning back then.

Seersucker cotton is woven so that some threads will bunch together. This bunching of threads causes the fabric to be slightly held away from the body. Keeping the fabric away from your skin helps air flow and to keep you cool. It's a classic fabric for spring and summer wear. While other color combinations of seersucker are available, blue and white seersucker is the traditional classic favorite.

Some comments from our customers about our seersucker:

“I basically don’t take these wonderful comfortable summertime seersucker capris
off until I must go out in public for the day!!” – Mary

“I slept great last night in the seersucker pants and a tank top.
So airy and comfortable” – Deborah

The sleeveless capri with pink trim pjs arrived in a timely manner and are exactly
what I was looking for. Soft, comfortable, well made and accurate sizing.
I love the pockets in the pants!” – Cathy