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The Importance of Good Sleep

The Importance of Good Sleep

Posted by Maura on 29th Mar 2023

The Importance of Good Sleep

At Needham Lane we believe that comfortable, high-quality sleepwear is the gateway to transition from all the demands for your attention you experience during the day to the restful “me time” when you return home and want to recharge your body and soul. When we began Needham Lane in 2004, we set out to create a line of women’s high quality, 100% cotton sleepwear that would help our customer transition to a soothing and restful segment of her life.

The necessity of good quality sleep for the human body can’t be overstated. Quality sleep for the correct amount of time makes an enormous difference in your emotional, physical and mental health. Studies show that when your body is regularly experiencing adequate amounts of sleep, bodily functions are more likely to operate more healthily. Getting enough sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy.

Consequences of Poor Sleeping Habits

Just as good, healthy sleeping habits nourish and improve essential bodily functions, poor sleeping habits conversely serve as a detriment to your health, especially in the long run. It isn't simply a matter of feeling groggy or a bit sluggish during the day, the consequences are often much more significant. Studies on the topic of sleep quality found that low-quality sleep put people at risk for heart conditions like high blood pressure, buildup of fats and cholesterol on artery walls and irregular heart rhythms. Additionally, low-quality sleep takes its toll on your mental health.

Improving Sleeping Habits

For those who find themselves having difficulty with quality sleeping habits, several steps can be taken to help improve the quality of sleep and, consequently, quality of life.

Some of these steps involve having healthier eating and hydration habits as well as proper sleepwear apparel.

Healthier Nutrition Habits

Lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients contributes to poor sleep quality. Also, it is crucial to sleep health and overall wellness to remain hydrated consistently. Drinking anywhere from 48-64 ounces of water daily is vital to retain adequate hydration.

Better Sleepwear

Needham Lane cares about your sleep and offers you sleepwear that makes quality sleep more attainable. One of the more accessible methods of improving your quality of sleep is the thoughtful selection of your sleepwear. Wearing uncomfortable, bulky, or clingy sleepwear can hinder the body’s ability to rest properly. It’s important to find sleepwear that enhances, not hinders, your sleep experience.

You can start your journey to a restful sleep by unwinding a bit before going to bed. We suggest you don one of our comfy seersucker robes, do some light reading or listen to some soothing music to get you in the right frame of mind. If you tend to overheat or experience hot flashes at night, our lightweight cotton pajamas made of voile, or our lightweight nightgowns can help deliver you cool nights. If you love the feel of cool, crisp poplin against your skin then choose one of our printed long sleeve pajamas. We chose to make our line of all-natural, soft cotton because of its ability to breathe and its easy care. Our wonderful designs are a bonus that we add so that you can show up to your dreams in style.