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Woven Cotton vs. Knit Cotton

Woven Cotton vs. Knit Cotton

Posted by Maura on 3rd Jun 2020

SINCE WE FIRST began our business in 2004, we have sourced 100% cotton to make our women’s sleepwear and apparel. We have primarily worked with cotton poplin, cambric, seersucker and voile and have found that these fabrics offer the comfort that our customers enjoy.

Regardless of the type of 100% cotton fabric that we select for a development, we have always chosen to work in woven cotton, not knit. What’s the difference, you ask?

At their foundation, the difference between a woven and a knit fabric is the thread or yarn construction. While a knit is made up of a single yarn, which is looped continuously, a woven fabric is made of multiple threads that are interlaced at right angles in a crisscross pattern. The result is that knits will stretch in length and width. Woven have very little stretch and will only stretch on the diagonal.

Additionally, the knit fabric construction will create small cells, which result in a warmer product than the woven. Knit stitches trap more insulating air than woven stitches

As it relates to sleepwear, should you choose a knit or a woven? In part, the answer to that question is found by asking yourself two questions. Firstly, what type of drape are you looking for? If you want a fabric that tends to cling to your body, then you may be best off with a knit. If, on the other hand, you want a fabric that is crisper and stays away from your body, then a woven fabric is a good choice.

Secondly, in choosing between a knit and woven, are you looking for the best airflow to help keep you cool, or do you want the fabric to help make you warm? The crisper woven fabric will allow for better airflow and keep you cooler than will a body-hugging knit.