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Our women's cotton robes provide a delightful finishing touch to your all cotton sleepwear. Wrap robes are a great excuse to lounge all day and, if someone should stop by, you look completely put you were expecting them to visit! Looking good. Feeling good. One of our customers wrote,

"This robe has been a welcome addition to my mornings, a soft and cosseting continuation of the refreshment of a shower. Each time I slip into the robe and tie the sash, I think of the Rupert Brooke’s words of “the cool kindliness of sheets, that soon/Smooth away trouble”. The thought naturally extends to this robe, for there is kindliness to its shape and gentleness to the fabric. To wrap myself in the soft terry lining is indeed to feel cared for. Thank you for offering this robe. It elevates a moment easily overlooked into a one of quiet indulgence."   -Sarah